If you are planning to visit Pattaya on your honeymoon then certainly its amazing beauty and adventurous activities will leave you speechless. Pattaya has numerous romantic places that will not only make your honeymoon a memorable one but also strengthen your bonding with each other.   

Look at these romantic destinations of Pattaya that will help you get a wonderful and peaceful experience on your Thailand trip.

1. Jomtien Beach – delight in the lovable moments

Jomtien Beach is known for its water sports, including jet skis, Para-sailing, scuba diving, romantic strolls, and the views of the sparkling city. This is among the most perfect honeymoon destination in Pattaya city for couples for a peaceful and romantic evening. Newly wedded pairs can spend some precious time on the beach, sun bathing together, enjoying the stunning view of the glittering blue ocean, or resting under the glooms of palm trees flanking the beach. If you are done with sunbathing and enjoying the peacefulness, then you can walk hand in hand along the beach and catch a glimpse of the incredible shacks offering superb Thai food.

2.  Coral Island or KohLan – You lose yourself in the calmness

Crystal clear water, sun kissed white sand beach, vibrant beach shacks, and delightful watersports have made it one of the most fascinating places to visit Pattaya for perfect honeymoon location. A 15-minute long ferry ride takes you to this enormous island highlighting with scenic splendor. Above all, Pattaya has one of the best beaches to relax and refresh your body. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, surfing, and jet skiing. There is nothing more romantic than looking bright colorful corals in glass bottom boats together with your beloved.

3.  Floating Market – Shop in style in Pattaya city market

Without an excursion to the charming Floating Market you can’t imagine your finest honeymoon in Pattaya city. It is extremely wonderful to see how nearly 114 merchants sell their merchandises and stuffs in traditional boats and canoes. You can buy eatable items, garments, decor items, handicrafts and pick some wonderful souvenir to keep the memories of your honeymoon remarkable. You can also try the delicious street food like thong yip (sweet egg yolk), pad Thai (rice noodles), and kanomkrok (coconut pancake).

4.  NongNooch Village – Greenery, fresh air, and a lot of fun

The best thing about NongNooch Village is its attractively decorated landscaped orchid garden. This is a perfect place for honeymooners where they can roam and spend some precious time together and enjoy some breathtaking views that will calm your eyes. The things that you can explore in NongNooch Village are Thai Boxing show, cultural dance shows, and do not miss the outstanding elephant performances.

5. Walking Street of South Pattaya – Live the vibrant nightlife

Your trip to Pattaya is incomplete, if you are in Pattaya and not visiting to Walking Street. Pattaya is the craziest party place known for their colorful nightlife, young crowd and loud and frisky music. Energetic beer bars, Go Go bars, sports bars and nightclubs are some of the attractions present on Walking Street. The whole stretch from modern gateway at the Beach Road offers everything that makes the honeymoon spicy. Boost up the romance while you sip your favorite drinks and dance with your mate to the cheerful beats of live bands and international DJs in a nightclub.

6. Art in paradise –Take you down to the glory world

Art in paradise is a sort of an art gallery that is the attraction between art and viewers with 3 dimensional paintings that are amazingly interactive and entertaining. It makes your picture becomes realistic. Art in Paradise is not only the museum that gives you happiness, but also allows you to become a part of them as well. All of them will provide you lovely remembrances and let you behave like a child again. The gallery has more than 100 separate art pieces in ten themed sectors, casing optical impressions, wild animals, nature, past civilizations and imitations of classic art with amusing additions. It’s possibly one of the most thrilling things that you can explore with your partner on your romantic honeymoon.

7.  Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Step into the world of unusual things

If you prefer exploring off beat attractions in Pattaya then this museum attracts couples to make a visit. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not is a unique museum that shows themed galleries and attractive exhibitions which leave everybody surprised. Mask made of human skin, Titanic made of matchsticks, a wax figure of a four-eyed man are some crazy examples, and the entry gate is even crazier. Be adventurous with your partner in the 12D moving theatre and unbelievable endless maze. Have a scary experience with haunted venture – a place where dreams become live.

8.  Underwater World – Experience the exhilarating Marine life

The most popular place on the list of the 10 attractions is Underwater World Pattaya. Looking the bright and colorful marine animals, spend an exciting night walking through the underwater tunnel with your partner, and feeding the animals is going to be a more thrilling experience for both of you.

9.  KhaoKheow Open Zoo – Wildlife lovers shouldn’t miss

If you both are adventures and delightful then KhaeKheow Open Zoo is the most amazing sightseeing place to visit in Pattaya. Have an experience of a lifetime while exploring through the jungle seeing elephants, deer, tigers, boars, languor, rabbits, squirrels, guinea fowls, palm civets, mouse deer, civets, porcupines and wild birds. Experience the thrilling night safari and enjoy the world-famous penguin parade.

10.  Tiffany’s Cabaret Show – Arrive finally with musical evening

Tiffany’s Cabaret Show is a must watch and a must visit places in Pattaya for couples who are seeking for a romantic musical evening. Watch this wonderful dance show by extraordinarily artistic ladyboys who add romantic colors and rhythms to your honeymoon in Thailand, with pleasant melodious songs, dance and drama. Book your seats in advance to avoid last minutes hassle for the most dazzling shows like Saigon Girl and The Glory Flower.

Pack your bags now to visit Pattaya on your romantic honeymoon with your soul mate and don’t forget to share your experience..!

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