Lord Krishna is worshipped in Hinduism as an important deity. His birth anniversary is celebrated as Janmashtami in India. This day brings you lots of happiness as you can enjoy night-long celebration, different sweets and also enjoy many performances that explain the birth and life of Lord Krishna.

Check out these top five places to visit if you are travelling to India during Janmashtami. 

1. Vrindavan, Mathura

Mathura, famously known for its magnificent temples, is the birth place of lord Krishna. You just need to travel for 15 km from Mathura to reach Vrindavan.  During this festival you can also visit the river to perform some rituals. Celebrations of Janmashtami take place in the Govind Dev temple which is considered as one of the important temple. You can also visit Nidhi Van temple for some special celebrations. And also you would definitely love to travel from Mathura to Gokul across the river. Krishna was brought to Mathura on the second day so the celebration starts on the next day.

2. Dwarka

This is the place where, you can enjoy the vibrant celebrations with dances, sermons, garban and also relish the taste of sweets. During the traditional fairs, you can buy your souvenir and get clicked in the colorful view of fair. There are many temples which would be beautifully decorated on Janmashtmi. It is the best place to visit on Janmashtmi as you can find many drama performances about Krishna’s birth and life.

3. Mumbai

A special celebration takes place in Mumbai during Janmashtami. Lots of human pyramid can be found in many streets, trying to break a curd pot hanging in a height by making pyramids while people around them throw water at them to hinder their progression. Here, a Guinness Record was broken in 2012 for a 9 tier human pyramid during Janmashtami. Many special milk based sweets are prepared during this festival which adds an extra plus in the celebration and makes it a perfect place to visit on Janmashtmi.

4. Puri

Besides temples and rituals in various places, you can enjoy many drama performances of legends of Lord Krishna.  Here, people celebrate Janmashtmi by singing, fasting and prepare unique dishes. People also travel to Krishna temple to take part in Bhagavad Gita recital and also in dance drama occasions, generally known as Krishna Lila or Raasleela. The festival is celebrated for 17 days from Janmastami. In Puri, people also celebrate it like it’s celebrated in Mumbai which makes it the must-visit place on Janmashtmi.

5. Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

Located in Karnataka, Sri Krishna temple has a beautiful chariot that would be pulled on the roads as people dance and sing for the lord Krishna along with the chariot. You can enjoy this festival throughout the midnight. You can also taste rice cake steamed in jackfruit leaves which is the special dish prepared throughout this festival. There are many puppet shows, traditional events and other acts happen during this festival. Nei appam and Pal payasam are the delicious sweets that are given in temples after the ritual.

This festival is celebrated differently at different places where you can enjoy many interesting things to do during this festival. So don’t forget to visit these places when on your trip to India!

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